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Juici Jamaican Patties (Box of 12) (Must Be Ship FedEx Overnight Only)

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Juici Jamaican Patties straight from the bakery to your home. Currently  shipping to the US Only!! Get the real authentic flavor. Patties will arrive cold and ready to be bake into the oven.  Each box contains 12 chicken or 12 beef patties.  Baked, packed and ready to be shipped to your destination straight out of the bakery in Jamaica.  All patties are  required to be shipped with an ice pack or ice packs depends on its quantities. 

 Patties will be ship Monday thru Wednesday.  With this product please choose 

FEDEX Overnight Only!! Patties should arrive within 1 business day. 

Currently Shipping within the US Only. Any other shipping options at your own risks.  All Perishable items are non refundable!!